Building a Brighter Future for the youth of D.C.

Kiwanis is all about making a real difference for kids right here in Washington, D.C. We're on a mission to create positive, long-lasting changes in children's lives. Our aim? To see every child in D.C. wake up in a community that has their back, believes in them, and helps them thrive.

We've partnered with SMYAL, our Large Scale Service Partner, to create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth in the District of Columbia. Learn More.

kiwanis in the community

“Working in the SMYAL pride booth was an incredible and eye-opening experience. Visitors were impressed with the services SMYAL provides and spoke of how valuable they are for the community. I’m proud our Kiwanis Club can help SMYAL continue this work.” 

Robert Lyons, Member

“I loved participating in the June backpack project for Garfield Elementary School. It is so important that our students have support and important resources year-round - especially during the summer, outside of the regular school schedule.” 

Tara Wells, Member

"Serving with City Blossoms is always such a pleasure! The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate. Rain or shine, I love getting a little dirty and contributing to a garden that provides food, fun, education, and community to  our neighbors."

Caren Roushkolb, Member

"Talk about a  court comeback!  We rocked the Harrison Basketball Court re-opening with basketballs and gift cards for youth, as  well as snacks and water during the tournament. A big shoutout to The  U Street Neighborhood Association for the  epic partnership."

Keiko Gomez-Gurley, Member



We host a meetup on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm.

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